Maythorn Mill & the Nottinghamshire SWARBROOKES

My Swarbrooke Ancestors

Assisted Passage to Canada

Sarah Ann Swarbrooke (Annie) born 1886 in Derby is the eldest daughter of William Swarbrooke and Annie Maria Boardman from Derby – she is the writers 2nd Cousin, Once Removed. (Frederick was a Grand Uncle to Sarah) 

I followed her and her family through the census returns of Derbyshire up till 1911 when she had vanished without trace – thanks to the internet I found her in Ontario, Canada.

Sarah Ann, like her mother had a love of Sewing and when the chance came to further her career in Hosiery, she took it with an Assisted Passage to Canada in 1910

Apparently, for much of the early 20th century, Penmans Hosiery Manufacturer of Ontario, Canada, actively solicited workers - primarily women - in England and throughout Canada and assisted them in emigrating to Canada in order to work in the Penmans clothing factories in Paris. The company would pay for their passage, which was treated as a loan; the workers were then expected to repay this in instalments.  In St Catherines Library in Ontario there are two books for the year 1910 that contain the accounts of some of these workers, documenting what payments were received on what day in addition to the worker's names and the names of the ships on which they arrived.

Checking the passenger lists on line we find Sarah Ann Swarbrooke arriving 22 April 1910 on the SS Mongolian, aged 24, single, destined to Paris with work cited as Hosiery.  There were 5 other women travelling on the same ticket number all headed for Paris and the Penmans Hosiery Mills

In book 1 it states that SARAH ANN SWEARBROOK  from Derby working in No 1 Mill, Fare was $53.80 plus $4 advance - total 57.80 and it was paid at $1 per week starting on May 14th 1910.  She paid only 16.50, last payment on Nov 4th 1910, and then the account states it was WRITTEN Off on Dec 31st 1911 and the words "Gone to Winnipeg" added.

The next account I found for Sarah was her marriage to another immigrant as follows:

“Marriage of Sarah Ann Swarbrook 26, daughter of William Swarbrook and Ann Boardman to Harry Lawson, 26, clerk, son of Thomas Grant  Lawson and Elizabeth McDonald on 8th Sep 1913 at St. Catharines, Ontario, they lived in St Catharines, Ontario only 20 mins from Niagra Falls”

Sarah and Harry went on to have 4 children, but only 2 of them survived into adulthood and it is through one of these descendants reading this web site that I have been able to find Sarah. ---  Amy BOCK the Grt Grandaughter of Sarah -  e-mail 

NB -  Looking at that list of names that was on the same ticket as Sarah: 
Matilda Tomlinson from Derby, her bill was 56.70, only paid 9.30, written off 31 Dec 1911
Edna Tomlinson from Derby, her bill was 56.80, paid only 24.80, written off 31 Dec 1911, left Dec 17 1910 on 6.30am train
Jessie Taylor from Leicester, her bill was 59.40, paid only 23.00, written off 31 Dec 1911
Lillian Tarry from Leicester, bill was 56.90, paid 43.05, written off 31 Dec 1911
Kathleen Tarry from Leicester, bill was 59.40, paid only 35.08, written off 31 Dec 1911

Family Picture above  - Sarah, Harry and their two surviving daughters Elizabeth (on far left) and Mildred

Sample Contract from Penmans

In consideration of having received from PENMANS LIMITED ………..……… for transportation from ……..………… to Paris, Ontario.  I hereby agree to faithfully serve said firm as a mill operative upon such terms as may be arranged from time to time between the company and myself, and I further agree to pay to PENMANS LIMITED the amount advanced for my passage given at the rate of 50 cents per week while I am earning less than $6.00 per week, and at the rate of $1.00 per week when earning $6.00 or more per week until the debt is discharged in full, it being further agreed that the unpaid balance shall at all times constitute first lien against any wages then coming to me; and in case I should at any time cease in the employ of the Company the then unpaid balance will immediately  become due