Maythorn Mill & the Nottinghamshire SWARBROOKES

My Swarbrooke Ancestors

St Peters Church, Macclesfield.

Headstone to the Swarbrooke Family

Transcription of Stone: 

Monumental Inscription Stone No 589, Section C, Near Wall and Railings : Also NANCY SWARBROOK daughter to the above ANN SWARBROOK who died Oct 6th 1839 aged 79 years, Also WILLIAM son of JOSEPH and HANNAH SWARBROOK and a grandson to the above NANCY SWARBROOK who died Jan 5th 1833 aged 20 years. Also HANNAH SWARBROOK died Apr 5th 1836 aged 14 years Also WILLIAM SWARBROOK died Jan 29th 1837 aged 76 years. Also ANN SWARBROOK died Aug 31st 1838 aged 21 years. Also NANCY SWARBROOK who died Aug 5th 1848 aged 68 years. Also JOSEPH SWARBROOK who departed this life Jan 17th 1850 aged 66 years

Christchurch, Macclesfield

According to the Local History Society in Macclesfield there is also a memorial stone in this churchyard, - but I have as yet to locate it.

Transcription of Stone:

Monumental Inscriptions. Grave No 538, Plot C, On edge of Car Park : Here lies the remains of SAMUEL SWARBROOKE who departed this life Nov 24th 1834 aged 67 years. Here lie also the remains of BETTY wife of SAMUEL SWARBROOKE who departed this life June 2nd 1833 aged 64 years. Here lies the body of JOHN son of SAMUEL and BETTY SWARBROOKE who died March 23rd 1817 aged 25 years (verse) Also GEORGE son of the above named SAMUEL and BETTY SWARBROOKE who departed this life Oct 8th 1845 aged 38 years Also HARRIET MOSS daughter of JOHN and MARTHA SWARBROOKE who died Jan 1st 1859 aged 43 years.

As you can see, that 'e' on the end of the surname just comes and goes